Our Future State

Our Future State is a clear plan to advance Queensland—both now and into the future. We have to confront and tackle the major challenges facing our state with a strong sense of purpose, focus and commitment.

If we don’t prioritise these challenges now, they’ll only become harder down the track. Our Future State: Advancing Queensland’s Priorities are the government’s objectives for the community.

Number of people who call Queensland home:


(estimate based on ABS population data)

Our state in a snapshot

Gross State Product
$326.9 billion
$70.1 billion
(year to March 2018)
Business in Queensland
  • 270,595 non-employing businesses
  • 155,983 businesses employing 1–19 people
  • More than 97% of Queensland businesses are small businesses
including state, non-state and special schools
including public and private hospitals
Over 1300
Public and private training providers
headquartered across Queensland, including 5 public providers
Queensland‑based universities
Commercial airports
including 5 international

The Queensland Plan

Advancing Queensland's Priorities is part of our long term plan for the future of our state, guided by the Queensland Plan.

Learn about the Queensland Plan
Last reviewed
8 June, 2018
Last updated
21 August, 2018