Be a responsive government

The government wants to make sure that Queenslanders feel like it is easy to do business with their government, and to ensure it does not become a frustration in their lives.

While advancing technology and digitisation of services is making it faster and more efficient to access information and services for some, it is also important to remember that not everybody has the same access to technology and some are not able or confident in using it.

The government's priority:

Make Queensland Government services easy to use

Ease of transacting with Queensland Government

Source: Whole of Government Satisfaction survey (July 2017) conducted for the Queensland Government by Kantar Public.

Note: August 2016 figure amended.

People from all walks of life, with varying digital literacy, should be able to easily access information and Queensland Government services whether it’s online, over the phone, or in person.

What do we want to achieve?

By 2020, 70% of Queenslanders reporting satisfaction with the ease of accessing government services.

Interpreting the results

The proportion of customers who said it was easy to transact with the Queensland Government has steadily increased from 2013 to 2017. As at July 2017, more than half (57%) the customers surveyed said it was easy to transact with the Queensland Government.

Government taking action

The Queensland Government continues to roll out a range of programs to improve access to information and Queensland Government services whether it’s online, over the phone, or in person.

Government's actions

  • Continue to make it simpler and easier for people to access information and services by putting Queenslanders at the core of our design. We will increase the number of transactions online, and develop better ways for Queenslanders to personalise their journey.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to make it easier for citizens and business to work with government. This will build on the DIGITAL1ST Strategy and ensure easy-to-use, accessible customer friendly websites, and simplified transactions through a single point of contact.
  • Build on the Advancing Small Business Queensland Strategy to support small businesses in Queensland to start, grow, and employ, and to streamline regulation, making it easier to do business.
  • Develop a plan for digital inclusion that works on addressing both physical access to digital services and provides support for Queenslanders who need assistance to develop the skills to use the available services.
  • Develop a Queensland digital infrastructure plan that sets out how government will establish partnerships to better coordinate our digital infrastructure to meet Queensland’s future digital needs.

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12 February, 2019
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29 March, 2019